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Unfortunately, some relationships don’t last. Traditional marriages can end in divorce and cohabiting couples split. Often, these relationships produce children who need support until legal age. However, forging an agreement to properly care for your children can be problematic. When you need experienced child custody lawyers in Greensboro NC, hire Morgenstern & Associates.

Different Types Of Custody Arrangements

Approximately, 41% of unmarried women gave birth to babies in 2019. Many of these women cohabit with the fathers of their children without ever getting married. Splitting cohabiting parents face the same types of custody issues as married couples.

As in many states, North Carolina law differentiates between physical and legal custody of children. Parents can share both equally or give one parent full responsibility.

Physical custody determines your children’s living arrangements. Often, your arrangement can affect the level of child support.

Similarly, legal custody means you can make major decisions regarding your children. Schooling, religious upbringing, and medical procedures belong in this category.

Custody Agreements Should Be In Writing

Sometimes, parents can agree on custody issues surrounding their children. Between themselves, they decide on living arrangements, visitation schedule, and decision making. Yet, they fail to put their agreement in writing.

Without a written agreement, your spouse can decide to unilaterally change the terms. Enforcing a verbal agreement can be very difficult, if not impossible. Plus, a custody agreement can eliminate any ambiguity. You’ll have a clear schedule specifying the day-to-day routine with specific times for drop-offs and pickups.

Moreover, having a detailed custody agreement in place can avoid future disagreements. Holidays, birthdays, and vacations can all become battlegrounds if not decided ahead of time.

A Family Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

While both parents love their children, often they disagree on the best way to raise their children. During a custody dispute, these disagreements can prevent the process from moving forward.

Sometimes parents have a misunderstanding of the law. For example, being a bad spouse does not necessarily make a poor parent. In deciding custody, the court will always seek to determine the custody arrangement that best promotes the best interest of the child.

Additionally, an attorney will help you avoid legal mistakes. Often, the paperwork is complicated and hard to understand. Moreover, missing a deadline can harm your case. Furthermore, a child custody lawyer can help you prepare a good strategy to ensure a favorable outcome.

How To Find A Good Child Custody Attorney

Hiring a lawyer to protect your rights is invaluable. Experienced attorneys know the process and can help keep your case moving forward. With a complete understanding of statutes and case law, your lawyer can advise you on all family law matters.

Personal recommendations from family and friends are a good starting point. You can also ask your local bar association for referrals. Lawyer listing directories like Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell also provide data and reviews on attorneys.

Generally, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest lawyer. Often, these are inexperienced lawyers looking to generate business. A lack of experience may result in errors costing you more money and a loss of legal rights.

After picking a few, speak to your prospects to see if you can develop a comfortable working relationship. Your final choice should be a lawyer with a personality and style similar to your own.

Certainly, specialization is an important consideration. Both Barbara R. Morgenstern and Ashley D. Bennington are board-certified specialists in family law. Plus, we have over 40 years of combined experience. Moreover, U.S. News & World Report gives our firm its highest rating.

Yet, we’re also compassionate people who understand that custody cases are intense, emotional experiences. With as little trauma as possible, we work hard to help you achieve an agreeable resolution. When you’re searching for one of the best child custody lawyers in Greensboro NC, choose Morgenstern & Associates.

FAQS About Finding Child Custody Lawyers In Greensboro NC

Sifting through all the child custody lawyers in Greensboro NC can leave you feeling overwhelmed. To help you find the best attorney for your situation, we’ve answered some of our commonly asked questions.

Is Court Inevitable In A Child Custody Case?

Not necessarily. Some couples can agree on their own. If they can’t agree, the services of a mediator is required to discuss and resolve issues. Court becomes necessary only when parents cannot reach an agreement on custody issues and mediation is unsuccessful.

Typically, going to court often produces anxiety and trauma. At Morgenstern & Associates, we strive diligently to help you find a resolution to your case without courtroom drama. However, should court become necessary, we have the experience you need.

How Do Courts Decide Child Custody?

When parents cannot agree on custody issues, the court must decide. The presiding judge will consider many factors in deciding custody always keeping the best interest of the children central:

  • Child/parent relationship
  • Safety of the child
  • Parents’ living situations
  • Caretaking ability

Certainly, divorce can be just as traumatic on your children as it is on you. Thus, the judge often favors the decision that causes the least amount of change in your children’s lives.

Can I Keep My Ex-Spouse From Seeing Our Children?

You may disagree on parenting issues and you may hate your ex. However, you cannot violate your custody agreement without risking penalties and courts rarely deny a parent visitation rights.

How Do I Set Up An Appointment?

Simply fill out our online form and give us some information about your case. Then, one of our friendly staff members will get in touch with you to set up an appointment.

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