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A divorce settlement is difficult to deal with no matter what the circumstances. Everything from property division to alimony to child custody is being worked out, and it’s easy for negotiations to become confrontational. Mediation can be a means of resolving difficult issues and defusing tensions. An experienced Greensboro mediation lawyer might be the difference between a negotiated settlement and the possibility of drawn-out litigation. 

Our Philosophy

Our founder, Barbara Morgenstern, instills her philosophy in the firm. She believes in presenting realistic alternatives to clients in order to cause as little harm as possible during the process. This holds true for all of our cases. We want to represent you in a way that achieves your goals but avoids any legal pitfalls.

What Is Mediation in a North Carolina Divorce? 

There are three ways a divorce settlement can be reached. The most extreme is litigation, where the couple goes to court and a family law judge makes the final decision on all contested matters. There is also arbitration. This is when a neutral third party, agreed on by both spouses, is empowered to make final decisions on issues where the spouses do not agree. 

Mediation also involves bringing in a neutral third party. But unlike arbitration, the Greensboro mediation attorney does not have final say on anything. Their role is simply to facilitated discussion. A third party can bring a fresh perspective. A lawyer experienced with mediation might see solutions that would otherwise elude the negotiating parties. A mediator can propose ideas, but the spouses retain the right to say no. 

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Benefits of Mediation

There are four key benefits that couples can get from choosing to settle in mediation…

Control: Final decisions are not in the hands of anyone but the spouses. That alone can make settling through mediation preferable to relying on an arbiter or judge. Spouses can also choose the date and time of their mediation sessions. When you deal with a busy schedule, that kind of control can be no small factor in retaining peace of mind during a difficult period. 

Costs: Going to court can be expensive and it can become a drawn-out process. Spouses that can settle their differences through mediation have the opportunity to avoid that. 

Collaboration: Spouses, especially those with children, may have need to continue communication after the divorce is over. The period leading up to the end of a marriage is often marked by a breakdown in communications and heightened tensions. Being able to work through issues together, with the help of a Greensboro mediation lawyer, can set the stage for the next phase in the spouses’ life, helping them constructively collaborate on how the marriage will end. 

Court: This isn’t so much a benefit, as it is a requirement. North Carolina law requires that couples who want to litigate their differences in court, use at least two mediating sessions to try and reach an agreement. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Is family law mediation mandatory before court litigation in North Carolina?

Yes, in North Carolina, it is a legal requirement for couples seeking to litigate their divorce in court to first participate in at least two family law mediation sessions. This mandate is designed to encourage spouses to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom and to reduce the burden on the legal system. Mediation provides an opportunity for couples to resolve their disputes amicably and efficiently before resorting to litigation.

Why Greensboro Couples Choose Family Law Mediation

Living in Greensboro, North Carolina, offers a unique blend of urban and suburban life, but when it comes to family law issues, the challenges can be just as complex as anywhere else. For couples in Greensboro, family law mediation provides a practical and effective way to resolve disputes without the need for prolonged court battles.

Local Resources: Greensboro residents have access to a variety of local resources that can assist in the mediation process. The Guilford County Courthouse is a central hub for legal matters, and the Family Court Division offers valuable information and support for those navigating divorce and custody issues. Additionally, the Greensboro Public Library provides free access to legal resources and mediation guides, helping couples understand their options.

Community Support: One of the significant pain points for couples in Greensboro is the emotional and financial strain of divorce. Mediation can alleviate some of this stress by fostering a collaborative environment. Local organizations, such as the Family Service of the Piedmont, offer counseling and support services that can be beneficial during this challenging time. By choosing mediation, couples can work together to find mutually agreeable solutions, reducing the need for contentious court proceedings.

Understanding Local Laws: Greensboro couples must adhere to North Carolina's legal requirements, which mandate at least two mediation sessions before court litigation. This law aims to encourage amicable resolutions and lessen the burden on the court system. By working with a Greensboro mediation lawyer, couples can rest easy knowing they are compliant with state laws while also benefiting from a more personalized and controlled process.

Local Knowledge: Our team understands the unique dynamics of the Greensboro community. We know that the local culture values family and community ties, and we strive to help couples maintain these connections even as they navigate the end of their marriage. Whether you're dealing with busy schedules or the emotional complexities of divorce, our mediation services are designed to provide the support and flexibility you need.

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Morgenstern Associates has over 45 years of experience handling difficult divorce cases, and we are licensed mediators in the state of North Carolina. We work with spouses to help find solutions and to do it in a cost-effective manner.

From our Greensboro office, we serve clients throughout Guilford County, and all of Rockingham County and Alamance County. When you turn to a lawyer from Morgenstern Associates, you’re relying on an attorney both experienced in the issues you’re dealing with and compassionate about the struggles you’re going through. 

Ashley Bennington went to bat for me and 100% knocked it out of the park. She was able to not only get my case dismissed, but was able to draw up a resolution that previous lawyers told me was a long shot to impossible.
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