Finding The Best Family Law Services Greensboro NC Offers

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If you’re searching for the best family law services Greensboro NC offers, choose Morgenstern & Associates. Family Law is our specialty! We have over 4 decades of combined experience helping families throughout the Triad navigate complicated laws.

Services Offered By A Family Law Firm

Generally, family law is the legal practice concerning family relationships. Thus marriage, prenuptial agreements, separation, divorce, child custody and support, alimony, and adoption all fall under this area of law.

Using a family law specialist means you have an attorney who has demonstrated proficiency in these legal matters. To earn this designation in North Carolina, a lawyer must meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed in North Carolina and in good standing with the State Bar.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in the specialty field
  • Completion of CLE credit hours in the specialty during the three years before the application
  • Satisfactory peer review by other lawyers
  • Passage of a comprehensive examination in the specialty field

Steps To Finding A Family Law Attorney

Some consumers become intimidated when looking for a lawyer. Yet, looking for a family law attorney is no different than searching for any other type of professional:

  • Ask For Recommendations
  • Look For Specialization In The Proper Jurisdiction
  • Check Their Website and Online Reviews
  • Meet With Your Prospective Attorney Before Hiring

With divorce being so common, chances are a friend or family member may be able to recommend family law services Greensboro NC offers. You can also try legal directories or referral services.

When compiling a list of prospective attorneys, choose ones with specialization. Lawyers who specialize will be up to date on the latest legal developments. Moreover, choosing a lawyer practicing within your county means your attorney will know the judge, clerks, and your spouse’s lawyer. All this information can help your attorney form a strategy to help you.

Once you’ve settled on a few names, check their websites and online reviews. Their website should showcase any awards along with reviews and testimonials. Regardless of how slick their site looks, inspect online reviews found on social media platforms and listing directories.

Finally, make an appointment to meet with the lawyer before making your final decision. Even the most skilled attorney may not be the right one for you.

4 Important Questions To Ask A Lawyer Before Hiring

Usually, there are obvious questions to ask when interviewing an attorney such as experience and fees. Asking a few uncharacteristic ones will help you discover more of the lawyer’s personality:

1. How Often Will You Update Me On My Case?

With some lawyers, you may find it difficult to reach them to find out the status of your case. While a good lawyer is usually extremely busy, you still need updates on your legal matter. Knowing the exact method of communication beforehand can save you some anxiety.

2. Can You Predict The Likely Outcome?

Often, many family law cases involve issues surrounding a divorce proceeding. Decisions regarding child custody, support, and alimony can be life-altering. Knowing the likely outcome can help you prepare for the resulting scenario.

3. Will The Lawyer You’re Interviewing Be Handling Your Case?

Certainly, it’s important to know the skill level of another attorney working your case. However, you’ll also need to share some intimate details about your case. An important reason for meeting with an attorney before you hire them is to see if you’re comfortable with them.

4. What Has Been Your Strategy To Cases Similar To Mine?

Most divorcing couples want the proceedings over as soon as possible. Usually, this means you want a skilled negotiator who will work towards a fair and balanced agreement. Knowing an attorney’s plan for handling your case indicates possible solutions and remedies.

FAQs About Morgenstern & Associates Family Law Services Greensboro NC

Morgenstern & Associates is just one of many family law services Greensboro NC has to offer. What makes us special? Below we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions to get to know us better.

Can You Recommend Ways To Save Me Money During My Divorce?

Ultimately, the most expensive types of divorce cases are those that go to court. Fees drastically begin to add up when you need to work with professionals to establish your case. Additionally, your attorney must spend many extra hours drafting documents and collecting evidence.

Thus, the best way to lower your costs during a divorce is to try to cooperate with your spouse. However, this doesn’t mean you need to agree with everything your spouse wants. When you hire us, we’ll help you negotiate a fair agreement while avoiding court if possible.

Do You Have Courtroom Experience?

Usually, we prefer to try to settle our cases out of the drama of the courtroom. Not only does this save you money, but it is less stressful for everyone. However, should the need arise to try your case before a judge, we have extensive experience fighting for our clients.

Do You Have Any Legal Awards?

Recognition with legal awards is a marker of quality with honors communicating a firm’s excellence. At Morgenstern & Associates, we’ve received extensive recognition from many North Carolina professional and legal organizations. Moreover, U.S. News & World Report lists our firm as one of the best regional family law firms.

When you’re searching for one of the best family law services Greensboro NC has to offer, look no further. Our team provides highly skilled professionals who treat every individual with understanding and compassion.

Don’t try to muddle through complicated family law issues on your own! Call us today at 336-203-9110 to relieve the stress and anxiety of your family law issue.

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