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One of the most difficult parts of separating from your spouse is figuring out how to live independently again. Most spouses have their finances completely combined. You probably own property together as well, including homes, cars, and more. Even if your divorce is amicable, we recommend talking to Greensboro attorneys. If you’re looking for the best divorce attorney near me, give us a call at Morgenstern & Associates. We can help you get your financial freedom back.

Spousal Support – Do You Qualify?

In some divorces, you may qualify for spousal support. If this is the case, we can help you get a fair deal as part of your divorce.

Spousal support is often called alimony. These terms mean the same thing, but many people associate “alimony” with a man supporting a woman. However, spousal support can be either spouse paying the other based on your life as a married couple. No matter what you call it, our alimony attorney team can help you.

In North Carolina, you can agree upon spousal support as part of your agreement, or a judge can grant spousal support. The judge will look at several factors, including both parties’ earning potentials, debt obligations, the standard of living during the marriage, and if there was marital misconduct. There’s no formula for determining spousal support in North Carolina, but we will help ensure that any support you receive or pay is fair. Note that spousal support is retroactive to the date of separation regardless of when the case is settled or filed.

Spousal support isn’t necessarily permanent, though it can be. In some cases, a judge may grant spousal support that ends. For example, a judge may grant support while the spouse is attending a job training program, which ends at graduation. Regardless of whether the support is permanent or temporary, either party can ask for a review and modification if the situation changes.

Budgeting for Your Divorce

During the separation process, you’ll need to budget for extra expenses that you didn’t have in the past. While we can help you separate your assets fairly, this doesn’t generally happen overnight. You may need to sell property during the property division process, for example. Even if you have an awesome alimony attorney team to help you get the money you deserve, spousal support generally does not start until after the divorce is finalized.

This article has some great advice about how to create a budget after your divorce. Start by figuring out your income and expenses. Remember, it’s important to have healthy spending habits. If you’ve never had to budget in the past or your spouse handled the money, it might make sense to talk to a financial planner.

In terms of the actual divorce, you should be prepared for court costs and attorney fees. You might be worried about finding the best divorce attorney near me, but rest assured that we make every attempt to keep your costs low. During our initial divorce consultation, we can look at your specific case and give you a ballpark idea of what it may cost. Click here to set up a divorce consultation to talk about your options.

Updating Your Beneficiaries and Will

As part of your divorce, you’ll want to ensure your beneficiaries and will are up to date. You need to update beneficiaries on life insurance, retirement, and any other accounts where your spouse may be listed. If you had a joint will or did not have a will, this is the time to make your own.

Luckily, updating your beneficiaries and will is relatively easy for most people. While our team does not prepare wills, we can, however, refer clients to competent attorneys who do specialize in wills and trusts. In the worst case scenario, you want any benefits to be paid to the right people, such as your new partner, children, parents, siblings, etc. instead of your ex-partner.

FAQs to Ask the Best Divorce Attorney Near Me

We can’t give you specific advice about your divorce online. That’s why a divorce consultation with Greensboro attorneys is so important. We have over 40 years of combined experience as a family law firm Greensboro NC residents can trust. Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions we get. For more information directly related to your case, call us to set up your divorce consultation.

Do I need a mediator for my divorce?

You can use a mediator for your divorce if you think it will help you reach an amicable settlement. Notably, mediation is available in cases where there has been no lawsuit filed, but is mandatory in cases where there is litigation over claims for alimony or property settlement. While divorce lawyers work for one party, a mediator is a third party who helps both spouses reach an agreement. This can be especially helpful if you have been unsuccessful figuring out a few elements of your divorce and don’t want it to continue to drag on as you try to finalize everything.

What questions should you ask a divorce lawyer?

To find the best divorce attorney near me, you’ll want to ask a lot of question during your initial consultation. It’s important to feel comfortable with your legal team.

  • Who will be working on my case, and do they have experience with divorces?
  • How long do you anticipate it will take to resolve the case?
  • Will I be charged an hourly rate and is there a retainer?
  • How do you predict a judge will rule on specific aspects of my case?
  • What other costs might be involved (such as private investigators, psychologists, etc.?)
  • Do you have experience with…?

For the last question, you’ll want to ask if the lawyers have experience with specific complexities regarding your case. For example, if you have multiple rental properties, you’ll want a lawyer who has experience dealing with property distribution. Or, if you have children, you’ll want divorce lawyers experienced with child custody cases.

We’d love to talk to you about your specific questions. Call 336-203-9110 to set up a consultation appointment today.

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