Divorce Consultation Near Me In Greensboro – What You Should Expect

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Sometimes, your marriage may not be working, but you’re not sure what to do. You can talk to friends and read up online. Yet, the circumstances of your situation may be different than others. Certainly, you need to talk to a professional who can give you sound advice. When searching for a divorce consultation near me in Greensboro, choose Morgenstern & Associates.

An Overview Of A Divorce Consultation

Often, a spouse may be fearful to talk to a lawyer due to the anticipated reaction of their partner. Essentially, no one in the lawyer’s office can reveal any information about you without your consent. This includes verification that you called to make an appointment.

When you meet for a divorce consultation, the lawyer will review 5 important aspects of a North Carolina divorce:

1. The Divorce Process

State law governs both marriage and divorce. Therefore, you’ll need to reveal details about your nuptials to determine your first step. In North Carolina, you must live physically apart (at separate address) from your spouse for a year and a day. If you haven’t met this condition, you cannot file for a divorce.

2. Issues Regarding Minor Children

The divorce lawyer will need to gather information about any minor children. You’ll need to provide their birth dates, place of residence, and any health or psychological issues. Additionally, the divorce attorney may ask for an assessment of you and your spouse’s parenting skills.

3. Division Of Marital Property And Debt

North Carolina requires an equitable distribution of both marital liabilities and assets. This isn’t an equal split, but what the court deems fair. Thus, your attorney will ask you questions about your net worth, income, expenses, and lifestyle.

The divorce attorney needs an understanding of your ability to earn a living. Thus, you’ll need to provide information about your education, employment history, and current salary for both you and your spouse. Moreover, if you signed any type of pre or post-nuptial agreement, the divorce lawyer will need to examine it.

5. Addictions Or Abuse

Addictions can take many forms including drugs, alcohol, or gambling. Often, addicts have unmanaged emotions leading to abuse. Moreover, any type of abuse will require the lawyer to ask some very personal questions.

6. Fees And Costs

After gathering some information about your situation, the lawyer will go over fees. For each divorce, the attorney will quote an estimated price based on several factors:

  • Time requirement for your case
  • Complexity of your case
  • Cooperation of your spouse
  • Experience of the attorney

Unfortunately, an uncooperative spouse can drag proceedings out raising the cost considerably. Thus, the price the lawyer quotes you usually will be an approximation of the total cost.

Hiring A Lawyer Is A Wise Investment

Online information makes dissolving your marriage appear so easy. However, most people don’t understand many of the legal ramifications of their decisions. Hiring a qualified lawyer has many great advantages:

  • Saves you time and money
  • Provides knowledge and experience
  • Minimizes your stress

Intimately familiar with the law, an attorney can navigate through complex issues efficiently. A lawyer’s experience can help you decide on the best option for a favorable outcome.

Moreover, a lawyer can help you avoid costly mistakes. For example, divorcing can also create new tax implications you haven’t considered. Additionally, an attorney can help determine the value of assets like artwork or airline miles.

Finally, trying to handle your divorce while working and managing your household is extremely stressful. Having an attorney handle your divorce and provide expert guidance can help relieve anxiety.

Divorce Consultation Near Me in Greensboro – FAQs

You may feel very anxious even just thinking about the steps you need to take to get a divorce. Finding the right divorce consultation near me in Greensboro can put your mind at ease. To help you decide your best options, we’ve answered a few common questions. Always consult with an attorney about the specific remedies for your situation.

Must I Follow Through With A Divorce After A Consultation?

No. A consultation doesn’t legally bind you to follow through with a dissolution of your marriage. Even if you and your spouse have separated, you can still reconcile keeping the marriage intact.

Why Should I Choose Morgenstern & Associates?

Both Ashely D. Bennington and Barbara R. Morgenstern are board-certified specialists with over 40 years of combined experience. Over the years, Morgenstern & Associates has helped hundreds of couples settle their divorces. When you need a divorce consultation near me in Greensboro, our experience can help you navigate complicated situations.

Moreover, our firm has received many awards from professional and legal organizations. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report gives our law firm its highest rating for the regional area.

If you’re wondering if you can benefit from the services of a divorce attorney, call us at 336-203-9110. You’ll find a knowledgeable, compassionate team waiting to help you.

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