Stressed With Trying To Find The Best Divorce Lawyers In NC?

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Ending your marriage is difficult enough without sorting through attorneys. Often, you’re emotionally drained and anxious about your new life. You need a compassionate, yet experienced advocate. When you want one of the best divorce lawyers in NC, choose Morgenstern & Associates.

Barbara R. Morgenstern and Ashley D. Bennington are both board-certified specialists in family law with over 40 years of combined experience. As one of North Carolina’s top family law experts, we can help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Stress can affect your thinking process causing you to make mistakes. It can also weaken your ability to control your emotions. Combine stress and emotion and you’re likely to make poor choices.

Undergoing a divorce, even if it’s amicable, will entail stress and emotion. Often, many couples fall into false presumptions and reasoning:

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Hiding assets
  • Being untruthful
  • Pursuing revenge

Typically, unrealistic expectations often arise from a misunderstanding of the law. To most people, the legal system may not seem fair. For example, your spouse’s infidelity will not entitle you to all marital assets. Nor will it guarantee that you receive full custody of your children.

Chiefly, North Carolina requires an equitable division of all marital property. This is not necessarily an even split, but what the court deems fair. To achieve equitable distribution, the judge needs a full inventory of assets.

Some spouses may stretch the truth or even outright lie about finances or behaviors. Lying can negatively impact your case, possibly subjecting the party to sanctions, if it goes to court.

Finally, seeking revenge on your spouse can harm your relationship with your children. It can also prolong the settlement process. Remember, your actions and choices during a divorce proceeding can affect you for the rest of your life.

Benefits Of A Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes, divorcing couples try to dissolve their marriage without the help of an attorney. Although this is possible, hiring a lawyer has many advantages:

  • Obtain a fair settlement
  • Protect your rights
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Access to legal expertise

Probably the most misunderstood part of a divorce is the term “fair settlement”. A fair resolution of your issues is not necessarily an even split. You need to consider many factors in dividing assets including the implication of tax liabilities and fluctuating value.

Moreover, divorce law is tricky and complicated. For example, in North Carolina, couples must live separately for at least a year at different addresses before filing for divorce. However, without proper communication and consent, one partner may receive a charge of abandonment.

Then, there’s the mountain of paperwork the court requires. What’s the difference between complaints, petitions, motions, summons, and affidavits? Which ones do I need and when do I need to file them?

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney in Greensboro will ensure you avoid common legal mistakes and receive expert help. Although the circumstances of each divorce are unique, the procedures or steps to obtain a divorce are set by statute. Thus, an experienced attorney can guide you through the process and help you choose the best options.

Having Trouble Picking Out The Best Divorce Lawyers In NC?

Hundreds of divorce attorneys exist in North Carolina. Moreover, you’re likely anxious to get your divorce over as quickly as possible. However, taking the time to research and find the right attorney is essential for a favorable outcome.

Begin by talking to friends and family for recommendations. Follow up by checking online reviews. Often, legal directories like Avvo offer ratings and reviews.

Additionally, you’ll want to know the lawyer’s caseload. A highly-rated attorney may have too many cases to give you the personal attention you need. Moreover, you want to feel completely comfortable with your attorney since you’ll be sharing intimate details.

Both Barbara R. Morgenstern and Ashley D. Bennington have honors and awards from local professional and legal organizations. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report gives our firm its highest rating. Yet, we’re also compassionate and strive to help you avoid trauma during your divorce. Plus, we won’t take your case unless we can give it the personal attention you deserve.

FAQs About Divorce

Legal proceedings, especially divorce, are multifaceted and complex. Often, answers to questions are specific to your circumstances. Although we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions, consult an attorney to determine the legal implications of your case.

Can I Get Spousal Support?

Spousal support, or alimony, is meant to help a dependent spouse make the transition to life after a divorce. Courts use a variety of factors in determining whether there is a need and the amount. Unfortunately, you won’t find a magic formula for calculating it. Furthermore, judges have wide discretion in awarding it.

When Can I Change The Locks On My House?

Primarily, legally locking your spouse out of the house depends upon the circumstances. The law allows you to change the locks providing your spouse has vacated the marital home taking personal belongings. This can happen if a spouse establishes a residence elsewhere even if his/her name is on the deed.

However, the complexity arises in determining your spouse’s intent to vacate. To avoid negative legal ramifications, you can address the issue in your separation agreement. If you have legitimate grounds, you can also obtain a domestic order of protection.

Do I Need To Go To Court?

Not necessarily. If you and your spouse can reach agreements on the issues, there’s no reason to go to court. Additionally, many couples avoid going to court by settling disagreements with the help of a mediator.

If you’re considering divorce, you need to know your options and the long-term implications. When looking for one of the best divorce lawyers in NC, hire Morgenstern & Associates. We’re compassionate, dedicated, and experienced attorneys.

Call us at 336-203-9110 to discuss the details of your case. No one likes the stress of divorce, but hiring the right lawyers can make the process easier.

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