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Unfortunately, some divorcing couples, especially amicable ones, think they don’t need a lawyer. However, the law can be complex and complicated. You could make numerous mistakes that cause delays or negatively affect your outcome. An attorney will make sure you complete all your forms properly and ensure you consider your future. When you’re searching for top divorce lawyers near me, choose Morgenstern & Associates.

A Specialized Lawyer Is Your Best Option

Admittedly, hiring the best type of lawyer to handle your divorce may seem confusing. As you search, you may see advertisements for a general practitioner. Similarly, you’ll see a designation like a divorce attorney or board-certified specialist in family law.

Undoubtedly, all these types of lawyers can legally represent your case. Yet, some general practice lawyers may not have much experience handling divorces. Usually, these lawyers handle a little bit of everything from wills to real estate. However, dissolving a marriage, splitting up property, and negotiating a child custody agreement can be quite complicated.

Thus, you’ll want an attorney who has demonstrated their knowledge of the best way to achieve a favorable outcome. Accordingly, you’ll want to use a board-certified specialist. These types of lawyers have met particular requirements giving them this designation:

  • NC license
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in the specialty field
  • Completion of continuing legal education (CLE) credit hours
  • Satisfactory peer review
  • Passage of the state bar’s specialty examination

Hiring a board-certified specialist can help you identify potential problems with your separation agreement, property settlement, or child custody agreement. Plus, you’ll avoid legal mistakes and receive expert help.

Some Costs Of A Divorce

Generally, family law lawyers bill hourly. Thus, some of the costs rest squarely with the parties. If the parties are agreeable, the divorce can proceed quickly avoiding court delays.

However, the conflicts causing the end of the marriage also make the divorce process problematic. For example, arguments over child-rearing practices can become a disagreement over custody. Moreover, when a couple can’t agree, the courts can and may require a professional to conduct a custody evaluation.

Furthermore, a contentious split may result in hours of negotiation and court time. Thus, the greater the amount of time your lawyer spends working on your case, the higher your bill.

Additionally, complex finances can complicate the distribution of assets. North Carolina law dictates couples must divide marital assets equitably or in a way that is fair to each spouse. Equitable distribution will not always result in an even split.

Yet, problems can arise in determining the value of certain assets. For example, you’ll need an appraiser to determine the worth of pieces of artwork or real estate.

Moreover, stocks, mutual funds, pensions, and 401ks can have tax liabilities affecting their overall value. Finally, it can be difficult placing a figure on business interests. Sometimes, calculating the worth of these types of assets may require the services of a professional.

FAQs About Finding Top Divorce Lawyers Near Me

If you’re searching for top divorce lawyers near me, you’ll want to look at Morgenstern & Associates. We’d be happy to set up a meeting to discuss the specifics of your situation. While every case is unique, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions.

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

First, you need to meet the statutory requirement of living apart for one year. After that, your time frame is usually dependent on how much you and your spouse agree upon.

A contested divorce will involve more steps taking more time. Any disputed issue needs time for investigation. This may include the hiring of professionals. Plus, a request for post-separation support or temporary custody can also lengthen the process.

Can I Get Alimony?

Alimony or spousal support provides financial support to the dependent spouse. Unfortunately, North Carolina law doesn’t provide any guidelines or formulas for awarding alimony. In determining alimony, the court looks at many factors including earning abilities, expenses, assets, liabilities, and standard of living.

Furthermore, spousal support isn’t obligatory but solely up to the discretion of the court. It’s up to the judge’s disposition as to the amount, duration, and manner of payment. Similarly, either party may receive spousal support.

Do I Still Need An Attorney If My Spouse And I Agree On All Issues?

Just because you and your spouse agree today does not mean you’ll agree tomorrow. Very often, circumstances change during the divorce process causing issues.

Additionally, working out an agreement concerning child custody, alimony, or property division can be complex. A failure to consider all the legal ramifications can affect your long-term rights.

Finally, legal paperwork is complicated! Mistakes in executing or filing can drag your divorce out. Sometimes too, errors in pleadings can result in a dismissal of your case.

What Makes Your Firm Different?

When you’re facing divorce, you want the best representation to ensure a favorable outcome. Hiring specialists, like Morgenstern & Associates, can help protect your rights. Combined, Barbara R. Morgenstern and Ashely D. Bennington have over 40 years of experience. Additionally, as board-certified specialists in family law, the NC state bar recognizes our expertise, professionalism, and ethics. Moreover, U.S. News & World Report gives our firm its highest ranking for the local regional area.

Call us today at 336-203-9110 to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your case. You’ll find truly compassionate lawyers who care about the outcome of your case.

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